Integrated Security Solutions

Nahrain Strategies & Consulting (NS&C) offers a myriad of fully integrated security solutions in the most austere environments. The NS&C team is capable of planning, developing and fully executing complex static and mobile security operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] region. NS&C and its experienced consultants have provided technical and security consulting services to U.S. Defense Contractors, foreign governments, military organizations and multinational corporations; thereby developing robust past performance &capability, as well as a network of trusted vendors and partners familiar with professional security and procurement solutions in the austere, semi-permissible environments of Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond.

NS&C’s unique expertise operating in severe environments throughout the Middle East and Africa along with our extensive technical security experience provides a strong portfolio of capabilities, reach, and real-time on-the-ground experience and access in semi-permissible environments, We provide our clients with seamless integrated security solutions implemented at each level of assessment, planning, execution and refinement. The result is a unique ability to implement complex facility security operations in even the most hard to reach environments.