Casualty Role Players

The NS&C team has significant military experience in scenario based training. The company, with key past performance and the specific experience of its executives related to personnel program execution in Iraq and Afghanistan, has an unparalleled capability for providing qualified, competent and reliable personnel. Our Role Players are ideal for local, state and federal government, law enforcement and emergency services Training Scenarios.

Modern, advanced medical training requires components of Stress Inoculation as part of the curricula in order to effectively test both the student’s retention of classroom learning and their ability to apply it in realistic scenarios. This means creation of an environment that is as confusing, chaotic and as adrenalin charged as one can make it without creating actual life threatening situations. A key component to this objective is the adept use of NS&C Role Playing personnel to simulate REALISTIC post incident casualties. Mannequins and Training Simulators are not viable substitutes for the interactive, live “casualty” training our clients prefer. Failure to provide this level of the human component to the training scenario creates a deficiency in meeting their objectives that cannot be made up for with pyrotechnics, dummy’s or repetitive classroom training.

Mass casualty and traumatic incident training is about people treating real people in stressful conditions. It’s not enough to have “Role Players.” To be effective you have to have people “playing the role,” in every sense of the term. NS&C Role Players meet all requirements for effective, realistic training perferred by the boots-in-the-ground, first responder, operator types who are our top clients. NS&C Role Players are fitted with multiple bleeding moulage, appropriate attire, and have a background and/or training in first aid, military or govt. service or law enforcement.