Energy, Oil & Gas Services – Iraq’s Evolving Energy Markets

Iraq is moving into a stage of conflict transformation as disparate groups begin to look to the nascent Iraqi political process to resolve differences and advance the country’s political, military and economic progress development. In the last year Iraq has taken important foundational steps towards opening its vast hydrocarbon resources to international oil companies eager to extract Iraq’s abundant resources. However, despite Iraq’s initial progress its complicated bureaucratic systems, divergent cultural landscape and intricate system of formal and informal social and governmental systems continue to make Iraq one of the oil industry’s most “frontier” markets.

With over three decades of experience operating in Iraq the advisors, consultants and facilitators of Nahrain Strategies & Consulting and their extensive human network of vetted service providers provide businesses new to the Iraqi market a pre-staged foundation and “turn-key” solution for implementing projects in Iraq. While challenges remain the experience and insight NS&C can provide its clients provides clarity in complexity and mitigates risk through proactive contingency planning and integrated operational solutions.

Nahrain Strategy & Consulting Hydrocarbon Sector Services

In the coming years, Iraq’s most dynamic industry sector will revolve around hydrocarbons. It will involve a myriad of political, tribal and domestic services provider personalities. With very little intact information and business intelligence infrastructure in place, it will be as fraught with pitfalls as it will be flush with opportunity. Russia of the nineties at the crossroads of the Middle East.

Our Mission: Assist Hydrocarbon Sector companies manage their presence in Iraq, to include:

  • A pre-vetted network of Iraqi services sub-contractors. We seek and retain the best of up and coming Iraqi contractors who have a proven track record for reliability, operational safety, technological competence and seamless integration with the client’s obligations and expectations.
  • Deep capabilities to provide real-time information and background on the political, cultural and economic landscape in Iraq, ensuring our clients know exactly who they are dealing with and why so those relationships can be as secure and fruitful as possible.
  • Management of Iraq’s ever-shifting regulatory environment. Especially critical to the Hydrocarbon sector on the national and province level, a day to day grasp of the evolving regulatory environment is critical to successful operations and relations. At Nahrain we keep our clients abreast of regulations from inception to enactment, thus keeping you ahead of the curve of the most critical of issues.
  • Secure and reliable management of in-country sourcing and smooth importation and transport of key technology and equipment for the petroleum and natural gas sectors.
  • Coordination and management of local accommodations and movement for ex-pat staff, to include comprehensive and integrated security arrangements.

As Iraq opens its oil and gas sectors to international development, cooperative ventures and expansion, the Hydrocarbon Services landscape will evolve rapidly. In that kind of environment, it will prove critical to be connected to an extensive network of facilitation and information capabilities. At Nahrain Group we’ve been boots on the ground from the beginning and stand ready to ensure your operations in this region meet and exceed your goals and aspirations.