NS&C – Afghanistan Full Spectrum Solutions

Afghanistan is perhaps one of the world’s most complex nations. Its austere terrain and incredibly complex socio-political and cultural networks and institutions combine to form some of the most daunting challenges for an organization to face and overcome in order to operate in this unique land. Nahrain Strategies & Consulting has been at the forefront of Afghanistan’s development and has advised numerous and diverse clients in Afghanistan offering a full spectrum of logistical solutions and consulting services that have aided the initiation of large-scale operations and programs.

Strategic Integration – Supply Chain Management

NS&C also has significant experience importing equipment, vehicles and other essential items on behalf of clients necessitating an active and constant knowledge of ever-changing legal requirements, some published and unpublished, as well as compliance with the often amorphous regulations in Afghanistan through its national and local governments. NS&C maintains the capability to procure ship and deliver a wide range of cargo and equipment for its clients to nearly every corner of Afghanistan. NS&C offers low visibility high order effect targeted logistical solutions to clients operating in even the most remote locations in Afghanistan through its existing human network of local-national affiliate companies and partners.

In addition to logistics and supplies, NS&C can offer its clients total life-support solutions including construction of facilities, permanent and temporary housing and secure transportation and travel. NS&C’s wide and diverse indigenous network of local partners allows for tailored and scalable solutions to clients operating provincial or national programs. Clients of NS&C experience clarity in the complexity of Afghanistan as NS&C’s experienced staff manages their requirements from beginning to end allowing them to focus on program execution.